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      Bending at the waist is also very bad, if you are overweight it really is bad. You can eliminate almost all acid reflux by not ever bending at the waist. Squat to pick something up. : )

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      From: Sally Vanwinkle
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 8:25 PM
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      Hi,I take Nexium and had always had stomach problems.I have really bad acid reflux and heartburn. I’ve noticed when I don’t eat greasy foods I don’t get it as much.Basically,I had to change my eating habits.I don’t really eat greasy food maybe one or two bites that’s it if I eat more I get reflux bad.It’s hard at first and some days are harder than others, craving wise(hints the one or two bites).They say not to eat fried foods would be fries,fried chicken,etc.,spicy foods anything with hot sauce,chili,peppers,bell peppers(I still eat them every now and then),I also heard tomato based like ketchup,sauces and citrus,pickles things like that.I would goggle acid reflux or heartburn it will probably lead to a site where it could list the foods to avoid.I hope this helps.


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      From: maria
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      Subject: Budget101.com : Embarresing problem

      About a month ago,I had a very hard time moving my bowels,no matter
      how much I strained nothing would pass,there was alot of blood and
      alot of pain from allt he straining,well it happened again the day
      before yesterday,but this time there was alot of pain right above my
      belly button and it did not go away! I also have bad acid reflux and
      htought maybe it goes hand and hand,but am not sure. We’ll I decided
      to go to the low income clinic here,and the doctor told me because
      you came here I really dont think you want to go thru all the testing
      because of how much they are and I know you can’t afford them,so I’m
      going to see if its consipation and treat you for that and see if it
      gets better instead of getting worse,but if it does get worse you
      will have to get tested weather you can afford it or not! He told me
      I also gained 10 pounds or so I was 230 and now I weigh 248. That
      made me depressed,he told me that I needed to loose the weight,he
      said most of my problems can be weight related,he also told me I
      needed to go on a heartburn/acid reflux diet,but he didn’t write the
      diet down for me so i didn’t know if that would help me with my
      weight or just my heartburn situation. He told me to eats lots of
      things with fiber,and to cut spicy foods and cheeses but mainly eat
      more veggies and lots of fruits and drink alot! I for one love spicy
      foods,onions, peppers,garlic, lemonade and cheese. I dont know what to
      do or how to begin what he is suggestioning. It made me feel awful
      that I gained 10 pounds,I don’t excercise,barely get out of the house
      unless it is to go swimming with my son. I don’t even know what
      triggers my heartburn,or making me consipated. I’m such a mess right
      now,he said he wants to see me in 3 months to see if I improved.What
      can I do to just start? I cant be out in the heat else my asthma send
      me to the hospital. So Im kind of stuck.What do you all suggest? He
      prescribed Nexium,but i thought there was a warning/recall for that
      sometime ago.What do you all suggest?

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