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      I dont envy you and that hot weather. I live in Minnesota and have a hard time

      tolerating the 3 months we have it. Yup I am an eskimo.


      — On Sat, 5/10/08, margo oowens <> wrote:

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      Subject: : Re:Ebarressing problem


      Date: Saturday, May 10, 2008, 3:36 PM

      I live in Florida & for us it is the humidity.Kills us here.We have had our a/c

      on for a good month already!

      anyways my husband is a bad sweater….It can be gross & smelly .But he found

      these under shirts he wears(he works outside 100 % of the time at work & the

      sweating is horrible)anyways, he found them at Red Wing Shoes & they keep him

      from sweating.He always has worn a clinical controlled anti persperent & bathed

      in cologne to keep the smell at a minnimum but I have noticed a big difference

      with these under shirts.

      Maybe other companys I would assume Under Armour does sell them.

      I know u think extra clothes on will make me sweat more but it has totally

      controlled his.




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