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      Dear Maria, I can give you some FREE lotion samples that a lot of

      people have asked for at my parties. It’s a Plumeria scented lotion

      that goes on like a liquid and dries right away to a powder and makes

      you feel soft all day. I did a party once in August last year when the

      temp was 90 degrees and high humidity. Everyone was literally dripping

      sweat in this high rise apartment building with no AC or fans. It was

      awful. BUT I had them all try the lotion on their fore arm and an hour

      later it was still dry and soft and the other arm was sticky and

      clammy from the humidity. Sold 12 bottles that night. It’s especially

      good under the bra line and between thighs. I even sell it to men

      construction workers and truck drivers who get a rash between their

      legs. I will give you or anyone else some free samples to see if it

      works for you. I give free samples out for many products across the US

      and Canada so your more than welcome to try it.

      It sounds like it could be a hormone problem though. I would

      definitely tell your doctor about this and ask for tests to be done

      especially since it’s never happened before. Occasional body odor is

      normal but if it’s making you self conscience then it’s time to do

      something. Best wishes to you and let us know what the doc says.

      Donna Bourque

      Passion Consultant

      In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “maria” wrote:


      > Hey!! Now that the weather is getting warmer/HOT,I am perspiring alot

      > and becoming just miserable because I have body oder!! I had not had

      > this problem last year and am wondering if it had to do with

      > age/hormones( I’m 40). This makes me self concience especially in

      > closed

      > tight areas like church. Is there anything I can do to combat this

      > problem or do I need to hibernate this Summer?


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