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      Have you checked with your doctor to see if you have a medical condition that may cause your problem?

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      As to the embarassing problem of perspiration, I have had breast cancer and when I had radiation I couldn’t use any deodorant or antipersperant. The techs told me to use constarch and soda, 1/2 and 1/2. Just use a wipey underarms and anywhere else and then powder with the mixture. I live in a hot place now and it works just as good now as it did then when I was in 110 degree weather. And it is all natural, if you need to freshen up later in the day, I carry a little bit in a small freezer baggy in my purse or car and just apply a touch and “All Fresh”. Patty

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      Subject: RE: Budget101.com : Ebarressing problem

      Get a good antiperspirant. I use Secret. It works for me.

      I live is steamy hot Houston. We get in the triple digits in the summer.

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      Subject: Budget101.com : Ebarressing problem

      Hey!! Now that the weather is getting warmer/HOT,I am perspiring alot teal;”>and becoming just miserable because I have body oder!! Is there anything I can do to combat this problem or do I need to hibernate this Summer?

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