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      I didn’t know about the half and half mixture of cornstarch and baking

      soda, but I do remember using baking soda for both deodorant and

      toothpaste when we were kids. It worked very well.


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      > Maria, look at my reply earlier (below). I am 60, am a hot flash

      queen, power surges like you wouldn’t believe and the cornstarch and

      baking soda really works. half and half, equal measure of each, mix

      in a baggy, get a cheap powder puff and you are ready to go. If you

      have an old compact, wash the puff from it and use, works great. I

      keep some in my purse, car and church bag, just in case I need an

      extra little refresher. Also, wetones work to kill the bacteria

      before powdering if you can’t shower.



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      > Patty Ryker wrote:


      >As to the embarrassing problem of perspiration, I have had breast

      cancer and when I had radiation I couldn’t use any deodorant or

      antiperspirant. The techs told me to use cornstarch and soda, 1/2 and

      1/2. Just use a wipey underarms and anywhere else and then powder

      with the mixture. I live in a hot place now and it works just as good

      now as it did then when I was in 110 degree weather. And it is all

      natural, if you need to freshen up later in the day, I carry a little

      bit in a small freezer baggy in my purse or car and just apply a touch

      and “All Fresh”. Patty

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