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      I think its great you have a date night! On some ends my hubby is a spender & I

      have found its important for him not to think he is depriving hisself.

      Also I noticed he doesnt like for me to say we cant afford something. Although I

      grew up with this term & it doesnt bother me to tell someone I cant afford

      something. I would call the restraunts in the area. For instance our local

      logans has a special on monday nights. Its 12.95 for 2 adults you have to eat

      off a special menu but they have a lot of choices. When we lived in a town with

      a steak & ale if you came in before 6.00 the meals were half price. So we camein

      at 545 & ate 1/2 price, others came in at 6:30 & paid full price. I have a

      friend who uses her mystery shopping at restarunts for date nights. I have found

      that the area you are in will determine how hard are easy it is to get mystery

      shops. You might look at buying a coupon book online. they run some really good

      specails on the books.—rebecca


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