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      I’ve been making burritos and freezing them recently and it’s been a

      great convenience to have on hand!!! It started when we had extra

      filling & tortillas after a few days of burritos for dinner. I premade

      them, rolled them up, and wrapped in tin foil, and placed a bunch in a

      plastic bag in my freezer. When we want to eat one (or more), I take

      it out of the foil, roll in a paper towel, and microwave for a minute

      or two to warm it through (I supposed I could thaw them and cook them

      too, but I have these on hand as meal replacements or large snacks or

      to eat if we wind up needing a meal).

      Not sure if there is a cost difference btn. making and buying them

      out, however I do know no money is going down the drain b/c we had

      leftovers that weren’t eaten…



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