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      Yesterday, we ate out for lunch after church. It was a fundraiser for

      the softball team (donations only). When we go to our high school

      football games, they usually have hamburgers for sale….we usually

      eat dinner at the game. Yes, we could have saved that money by eating

      at home first etc…but in these particular situations, we were also

      supporting school activities….so perhaps that should be moved to

      charity portion of the budget or split with it?

      My hubby eats out at lunch during the work week. I have offered to

      fix him lunches, which he has thought about but said that he really

      does need to “get away” from the office if he actually wants to get a

      lunch (physically) and also get away mentally. He eats at the same

      place, has several old guys he eats/talks/networks with. He would

      probably argue the point that he has saved more money from the

      deals/advice he gets from them than he has spent. The A/C isn’t too

      great (pretty much nonexistent) where he works and taking a lunch and

      going to a hot park isn’t on his list of things to do either. Coming

      home for lunch is not an option (too far).

      When we go shopping(about once every 3-4 weeks), we usually eat out.

      Shopping is an all-day affair. Yes, I could save that money (will

      have to try to think to do so in advance) by packing a lunch….again,

      during the summertime it would be hard to find a good spot to eat it

      comfortably. I also consider it somewhat of a treat though.

      Since we live way out in the country, it’s a hassle to go eat out just

      to do so(time spent driving not to mention the cost of gas to get

      there) so we rarely if ever do that. My hubby does like to take me

      out to eat once in awhile, but I usually opt not to (too much of a

      hassle) unless we are running errands too.

      Some put it in their budget because they know themselves, and they

      will end up eating out some….it may give them something to look

      forward to, some may feel “deprived” of being on a budget and this is

      one thing that may help them with? Some may travel quite a bit with

      their jobs in which not eating out is not really a good option. I

      know a guy who always kept a $100 bill in his billfold. He never knew

      when he would need to take out “Mr. Important Person/s” out for lunch


      Eating out is a good area of the budget than most of the time (for

      most) can be eliminated if one has the proper planning ahead of time

      for this (for when you are away from home).


      > Then I was reading a few digest posts from over the weekend, and saw

      > one person budget $35-$100 a week for eating out (or was it a

      > month?) My question is, why eat out at all? And I’m asking myself

      > this also.

      > You can buy a greater quantity of food, prepare it how you want,

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List eating out vs. groceries, and knowing your budget