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      — In, “Lucy Anderson”


      My entire dinner conversation would be how much cheaper

      > I could make the same thing at home….

      I don’t mind spending $100 eating out with friends and hubby. We do it

      every few months at a nice steak house or a 5-star seafood restaurant.

      Everyone has priorities. And we don’t do it only for the food, we also

      do it as a social outlet. We are budget conscience, but also make a

      fine living. We don’t put it on credit cards and we don’t rack up debt

      to do it. I also don’t like eating fast food much, so eating out with

      the family generally runs us about $40 and we do it every weekend.

      I never think about how I could make it cheaper at home because that

      is sooo not the point.

      Just another view.



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