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      -I have a toastmeaster bread machine and my bread was hard the first

      loaf and I called the lady told me to add two tablespoons of water

      because of where I lived, I live in Michigan and I have really

      enjoyed my breadmaker. I would buy the same kind again.-My kids got

      it for me as Christmas Thanks- In, “J

      Diane Northcutt” wrote:


      > I have a Toastmaster Bread Machine . It has a butter churning

      cycle and allows you to make a 2 lb loaf. I have had it since 1997

      and have used it quite alot. I’ve never had a thick crust.

      > I don’t know about other brands.


      > Diane


      Original Message

      > From: Suzi McMullen

      > Subject: : Bread machines?


      > What kind do you have? I had one that made terrible bread with

      3/4th inch of hard outside and not nearly enough good on the

      inside. I got rid of it years ago.


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