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      Bread making is an art and science. If you just throw in the

      ingredients according to the recipe and don’t check/adjust as the

      machine does its work, it can be a disaster (ask me how I know!!!)

      I have to constantly juggle the flour/liquid balance regardless of

      whether I use my machine, mixer or knead by hand. Usually I have to

      add quite a bit of extra liquid because it is so dry where I live

      (North Las Vegas). Also my machine tends to ‘overproof’ the loaves so

      I find it best to let the machine knead and then bake in the oven

      rather than the machine. Which is a waste of money if you think about

      it…but my machine was a gift, so at least it’s someone else’s money

      that was wasted.

      If you have a quality mixer such as a KitchenAid with a bread kneading

      paddle, it is just as time saving as the machine (mixers can knead the

      bread in less than five minutes) and the quality is as good as hand

      kneaded bread.



      > > What kind do you have? I had one that made terrible bread with

      > 3/4th inch of hard outside and not nearly enough good on the inside.


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