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      OMG! I get upset when we go out with 6 people and pay 100 dollars. I’d never but never but NEVER pay 100-200 dollars for 2 people! What kind of food could be worth that?


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      Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 10:39 AM
      Subject: : Re: eating out vs. groceries, and knowing your budget

      Eating out does take a big chunk of our paycheck. However, we never
      eat at fast food places. I figure what some people spend at Burger
      King and the like monthly equals what we spend on one Saturday night
      at a nice place. Usually it’s DH and me going out without the kids so
      I don’t feel so bad spending a hundred or two on dinner for us. If we
      brought the kids it would be unreasonable. If we do take the kids
      then we choose a middle of the road place such as Bone Fish Grill or
      Maggiano’s Italian, etc.

      — In, “Marie” wrote:
      > I came in this morning hoping to sit down and post about something
      > that I discovered in my budget. I spend several hours per week with
      > my budget…as a rule. I know it intimately. I have one page in a
      > huge notebook for each month…and when I sit down to work on it, i
      > also review the months to come…for example, I know in october, I
      > will have a 3rd paycheck….and I have not yet developed a list of
      > things to cover with that check…but I’m sure I will..that check
      > also does not have medical insurance taken out of it. I am usually
      > very careful about what I spend, knowing how little I have to go from
      > end to end. (I usually say, my ends meet, they just don’t spend much
      > time together)
      > I was really surprised to see that I’d spent $100.00 in July for
      > lunches out, iced coffees on a saturday, and one weeknight pizza.
      > ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have
      > sent that extra $100.00 to a credit card…or stocked up on
      > groceries. *shaking my head*
      > Then I was reading a few digest posts from over the weekend, and saw
      > one person budget $35-$100 a week for eating out (or was it a
      > month?) My question is, why eat out at all? And I’m asking myself
      > this also.
      > You can buy a greater quantity of food, prepare it how you want,
      > etc,., for a smaller amount than eating out….just consider the
      > tip!!!!! If I take my 2 children to friendly’s for dinner (We have
      > not done this in A G E S) It will cost between $30 and $35.00. The
      > tip for that amount is between $5 and $7.00 Imagine how much food
      > you could buy at the grocery store for $40-$42.00 !!!!!!
      > A year ago, I discovered i was spending $200.00 a month on eating
      > out….on average. Looking back at old spending lists…I have not
      > spent more than $40.00 on “eating out/iced coffee/coffee etc” in
      > several months. This month was higher, though I’m unsure why.
      > Anyway….Happy Monday everyone.
      > Marie in Vermont

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List eating out vs. groceries, and knowing your budget