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    The prices were current in October 2008.

    magic kingdom
    tom sawyer island
    aunt polly’s
    apple pie a la mode $3.99
    Shortcake a la mode $3.49

    Main Street
    Casey’s Corner
    Hot Dog & fries $5.79
    Chili $1.79
    Cracker Jack $0.99

    Plaza Restaurant (sit down restaurant)
    Turkey Sandwich $9.89
    Chix Strawberry Salad $10.29
    Kid’s Chix on Stick $6.99

    Cosmic Ray’s
    Kid’s Chix Salad $4.49

    Doggone Good Dogs
    Hot Dog $4.25
    Chips $1.50

    Egg Roll Wagon
    Egg Roll $2
    Corndog $3.90

    El Pirata y el Perico
    Beef Taco w/ rice $5.99
    Kid’s quesadilla meal $4.49
    Pudding $1.10


    Liberty Square Market
    Baked Potato $3.49
    Apple sauce $0.95
    Bananas $1.06

    Pinocchio Village Haus
    Figaro Fries $3.19
    Kid’s Turkey Rollup $4.49
    Pudding $1.19

    Village Fry Shop
    Jello $1.19
    Hot Dog & Fries $5.79

    Liberty Square
    Sleepy Hollow
    Mickey Waffle $4.59

    Future World
    Cool Wash Pizza
    Cheese Pizza $6.25

    Electric Umbrella
    Mango Chix Salad $7.19
    Cheese Fries $2.99

    The Land
    Sunshine Seasons
    Oatmeal $2.49
    Kid’s Sweet & Sour $4.25
    Kids drum meal $4.25

    Boulangerie Patiserie
    Ham & Cheese $5.25
    Cheese Plate $5.95

    Cantina de San Angel
    Kid’s Quesadilla $3.99

    Kringla Bakeri og Cafe
    Lefse (Potato bread) $1.99
    Sandwich & soup $9.99

    Liberty Inn
    Kid’s Chix Salad $4.49

    World Showcase
    Refreshment Port
    6 Chix Nuggets $2.79
    Large Fries $2.69

    Yakitori House
    Kid’s teriyaki chix $3.99
    Tonosama combo $7.49

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    WOW you rock That is so great Thanks for such great info~!

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    Just found out (but you might have to call & confirm) Disney is offering Free Dining Plan (1 snack, 1 table service, and 1 counter service meal per day) for all visitors that book a 5 day vacation. Sounds good to me! Just wish I could get 5 days off of work.

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    wow! you put alot of work into this! but when the wife and i go to disneyland or disneyworld we like to live it up.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Disney Budget Eating at Disney for $12 day