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      1 lemon OR 1 orange
      5-6 ounces cloves (whole)
      2 tbsp orris root
      Lemon or orange oil

      Push the cloves into the rind of your lemon or orange. Try to cover the whole surface. Mix together orris root, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon or orange oil in a small bowl or plate.

      Roll the fruit around in the mixture. Wrap the fruit in tissue paper, cheesecloth or netting and place in a drawer or hang in a closet.

      To Make a Christmas Decoration / Gift:
      Cut a piece of ribbon, 34-38″ long. Place the middle of the ribbon at the top of the fruit, and draw the ends down to the bottom. Cross and twist the ribbon and draw it back up to the top, just like you were tying a package.

      Tie it into a bow at the top. If the ribbon wants to slip and slide, you can secure it with a little dab of glue at the bottom of the fruit where it crosses (+). You can dab a little paint and/or glitter on the cloves if you want your pomander to be a little more colorful.

      :120103_emTE32_prv (

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      that seems to look good. how long will the orange stay good?

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      It usually lasts a couple weeks, then I take it and put it in a simmering pot with a little cinnamon and it makes the whole house smell so festive. Enjoy!!

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      Thanks! Now I just have to find cloves 🙂

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      I got some at the local dollar general on their seasoning isle for $1 hope you can find some cheap 🙂

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