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      I’m not the one you asked, but maybe my suggestions can help you with ideas.
      I start with ground beef. I mix enough to make several meetloafs — so I
      usually start with a 5 pound tube shaped package of ground beef. I never
      use breadcrumbs as I never have those.

      I bake, uncovered, and removing any
      fat that cooks off. Before putting it in the oven, I pour a layer of bbq
      sauce over the top, and add more as it cooks. the end result is a thick
      sticky bbq glaze similar to what bbq ribs have.

      if you dont like bbq sause,
      use tomato sauce or katchup or whatever you do like.

      i end up with about 8 pounds of meatloaf after everything is mixed in. I
      divide in half, freeze half for another time, and cook half. This gives me
      enough for dinner for 2 people, plus 4-5 lunches.

      If you wanted you could
      cook both and freez the cooked meatloaf for later. or you could make
      several smaller ones instead of one larger…….. meatloafs are so
      flexible you can do almost anything.

      with 5 lbs ground beef —

      things i always add—

      3 large onions OR 4-5 small ones
      1/4 cup tablespoons chopped garlic
      1/4 cup salt
      2 tablespoons pepper
      1/4 cup oregano flakes
      1/4 cup parsley flakes
      4-5 eggs
      2 cups grated raw potatos — scrubbed with skins left on

      Things I add — depends on what I have and whats on sale

      chopped bell pepper
      grated raw carrots
      cut green beans
      chopped tomatos — with any juice that comes with them
      brocoli — chopped really small
      almost any fresh or frozen veggie — except leafy lettuce or spinach type

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Easy, Quick Tasty Receipe