Easy Pin Cushion

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      Difficulty: Easy

      Age: 7 and up

      What you’ll need:
      Scrap of material
      Round papermache container with lid
      Paint to coordinate with material
      Small bowl
      Cotton batting
      Hot glue gun
      How to make it:
      Trace around your mug or bowl onto the material.
      Cut out the circle you have drawn.
      Sew around the perimeter of the circle with a running stitch. Do not clip the thread ends. Remove the needle.

      Set aside.
      Paint the papermache container with craft paint and set aside to dry completely.
      Pick up your material and pull the thread tight.
      When the material looks like a tiny little bag, put as much batting inside as you can.
      Pull the thread until the bag is closed.
      Glue the ball you have onto the inside of the container lid and wait for it to dry.
      This makes a lovely pin cushion and you should be able to place the lid back onto the container as well.

      Use to store buttons, needle threaders, thimbles and other small items.
      If you like, personalize the lid with “#1 Mom” or “Grandma” using a craft pen.
      This can be made without the container if you happen to have any spare lids lying around. Lids from margarine tubs, yogurt and jars will all work. You can even use items such as curtain rings, just make it into a “lid” by gluing a round piece of cardboard to one side of the ring!
      Look for scrap material in the strangest places – try old t-shirts, ripped blue jeans and scraps from your craft room.
      If you like, add a layer of matte finish acrylic spray sealer to this project to make it last longer.

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