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      am makin this for dinner and thought i’d share. not sure if this was my idea, or got it somewhere, but have been makin them for about 20 years and their still a big hit. 10 hot dogs, any kind.

      2 cans refirgerated bisquits in a can, i use store brand, but can use any brand. take 2 bisquits and flatten. pinch together to make a rectangle a bit bigger then hot dog.

      put hot dog in the middle and pinch together edges around the dog. sometimes you have to go back and pinch again as they sometimes pull apart. cook pinched side down on cookie sheet in 350 degree oven, or as bisquit tube says.

      cook till golden brown. my son and i will mix ketchup and mustard and “dip” them. today along side will be, baked beans from a can and frozen spinach.

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      I find it much easier to use the Pillsbury crescent rolls and just roll a triangle around a dog and bake. Sometimes I will slice the dog lengthwise and put a sliver of cheese inside and also spread some mustard on the crescent dough before it is rolled up.

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      Thanks cyndisctrr – these sound almost like Hot Pockets. Bet you could make your own hot pockets this way and use different fillings. Might have to play around with this recipe.

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      It could be done quite easily with a package of premade pie crusts (2 to pkg). Roll out crust to a rectangular shape, spread with choice of filling. Cover with second crust and cut into smaller rectangular shapes.

      Crimp edges with a fork.

      I do this for making homemade PopTarts and would bake at 400 F for about 12-15 minutes and cool. I would then fast freeze them and store. Then they just need to be thawed a little and heated for a brief time to eat.

      The exact time would change depending on the density of the food you were using as a filler, but this might give you a start.

      This thread should give everyone all kinds of meal ideas.

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      Pig in a blanket are an all time favorite around here. I haven’t made them in awhile, thanks for bring this up. I’ll have to make some here real soon.

      I also like to use the crescent rolls, they are light and fluffy. I like the pop tart idea too. My youngest loves pop tarts.

      This would be a great thing for him to help me with. He could pick his own flavor that way. Thanks for sharing the recipes and ideas.

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      Ohh, I love these. I use the cresent rolls too. I made these once for Halloween leaving one portion of the hot dog sticking out.

      When they cooled I carved a finger nail out of the hot dog and put ketchup on it…called it “mummy fingers” it was a hit.

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      Why do I never think of kool things like that! :115:

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes easy pigs in a blanket