Easy Faux Fireplace

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      Everyone knows that santa is supposed to come down the chimney, but what if you don’t have a fireplace? You can make one with the kids using some paper and boxes & decorate it!

      What You’ll Need :

      – cardboard boxes (free)

      – duct tape ($3)

      – 2 rolls of Kraft Paper ($1.19 each) or you can use the white side of some Cheap Wrapping Paper.

      – Paint :: brick red + off white (samples were $3.99 each. I used (2) brick red and leftover off white paint at home)

      – 1 Sponge ($1.39)

      – Ruler, Scissors and/or Box Cutter (already had at home)

      How To :

      1) Measure and draw out the height and width you want the sides and
      mantle to be. Gather enough cardboard to cover the job. This can be
      whatever size your heart wishes.

      2) Measure out the cardboard pieces and cut accordingly. Note :: none
      of my boxes were the same size (they came from our recycling room, also
      known as, the free craft room!), so this included a lot of measuring
      and chopping up of boxes. Use the duct tape to secure the cardboard

      To make things easier, it’s best to find boxes that are all
      the same size, then you can just stack them and tape. I went the
      difficult route!

      3) Set up the boxes against the wall you want to display the fireplace on to be sure the sizes are correct.

      4) Measure and cut the kraft paper to match each of the sides and the
      mantle. You want enough to just wrap around the boxes like you’re
      wrapping a present.

      5) Lay out the kraft paper and using the sponge and brick red paint
      (I just grabbed paint samples from the hardware store – cheaper route),
      you are going to make a faux brick design. Remember with bricks, do
      alternating spots with each row. Note :: As with every DIY comes a few

      With this one I noticed after I finished my brick
      print that I lined them up wrong. My bricks go vertical instead of
      horizontal! It will be the new trend when making fireplaces, I can just
      see it now!

      6) Lightly brush your choice of paint for the top mantle piece and
      let them all dry for a little. Once dry, you are going to wrap the boxes
      with the kraft paper like you would wrap a present. Using as much duct
      tape as you please.

      (I’m an avid duct taper!)

      7) Line them up against the wall and be sure they are in place, then
      tape them together for stability. Since mine are open in the back, I
      placed a few heavier things – like change jars- in the bottom to keep
      the sides firmly in place.

      8) Decorate your mantle and hang your stockings with care!

      hope those of you who also don’t have the luxury of a fancy brick
      fireplace can appreciate this fun and easy diy! if you make one
      yourself, please send me pictures. i’d love to see them!

      image credit

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