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      My mom always gives me a big, sliced ham for Easter dinner, and I wanted to share what I do with the leftovers. First, I rub brown sugar all over the ham and cover iwth foil, roast it for about three hours.
      Then, after serving to to family, I save the broth in the pan and remove most of the meat form the bone.
      I save some for sandwiches, and divide the rest.
      the next time I serve ham it will be scalloped potatoes and ham, my mopm taught me this when I was about 9. If you’d like a recipe, please post and I’ll do my best, it’s an eye balling type thing.
      Then I’ll either make bean soup woth the bone, or baked beans. Since I usually put bacon or salt prok in my beans anyway, I thought I’d try it with the bone, it turned out wonderful! Over conrbread, even my ‘meat-at-every-meal’ husband didn’t say a word, except that it was very filling. So, one ham, three dinners and sandwhiches.

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