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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Easter menus?

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      So…for those who do a special meal, what are you planning?

      We intend to have our ‘special’ meal the Monday after Easter. It leaves time open on the day to enjoy the holiday itself. DH has requested ‘a bird,’ so I’ll roast a turkey from the freezer…may also do a small lamb roast if I see a good sale this week.

      Besides that, we’ll have bacon-wrapped oven-roasted asparagus (this has become one of our ‘traditional’ sides for this meal), strawberry pretzel salad, fresh bread, a green salad, devilled eggs…not sure what else. A variety of desserts – the cream cheese cookies from my childhood, a pie or two, lime bars.

      Thinking about spring pea soup for a starter, and a cold veggie pizza (as well as cheese/crackers and maybe some fresh fruit) as apps.

      I might buy (or maybe make, for the first time…:) ) hot cross buns for Easter morning breakfast. 🙂

      Anyone else?

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      I haven’t even thought about it yet! Still trying to see how many are coming home that weekend.

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      Baked Ham, honey glazed carrots, garlic smashed red potatoes, yeast rolls & Pineapple/Brown Sugar “Gravy” glaze- ham is only sale for .48-.69 a pound at various places so we usually buy a few to enjoy throughout the year.

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      We have our Holiday meals at my mil’s. not sure what she has on the menu this year…my usual ‘bring overs’ are mac and cheese casserole, green beans, and mashed potatoes…sometimes pb fudge.

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      I prefer ham but some the kids don’t like ham. Trying to decide on beef roast or roast turkey then will decide the whole menu

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      Our family has Ham. I once found a recipe that used horseradish and mustard for a glaze, and of course I lost it. It was the best ham we ever had.

      This year, we will have Potatoes Au Gratin, A huge green salad with assorted other vegetables, rolls and Strawberry Shortcake.

      Since my daughter is fixing our meal and she has to take my first Gt. Granddaughter to church and the other daughter has to go to her mother-in-laws, we decided to keep it simple. Oh, we will be having hard boiled eggs, probably deviled.

      Next year I hope to have it at my home.

      This year it will be very simple and easy meal. But our family will be together, it will be delicious and I won’t have to do it. LOL.

      If anyone has the horseradish and mustard glaze, I sure would appreciate a post with the recipe.

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      Ok, now that the day is almost upon me I know what we are doing! I have to keep them feed all day here. Part are here now and I more coming tonight.

      3 more coming tomorrow. Will do up a large peach cobbler tonight for anyone to eat early tomorrow and then after church I will come home and do a big country breakfast so they can make it until 7PM. got 2 that have to work until late afternoon so late dinner.

      Having Ham and a roast chicken(done up in the global Sun Oven) Sweet Potato Casserole, mash potato & gravy, my non-mushroom green bean casserole a relish tray and fresh rolls with fresh churned butter. I have Lemon Meringue Pie and a Jelly roll cake that I will fill with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

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      Very traditional for my family!

      Lamb chops
      Mashed potatoes
      Gf rolls

      My grandfather use to always do a leg of lamb with roasted Greek potaoes. Still one of my favs. My mom and I are just making it easier now.


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      We have a very large family i have 8 siblings, we all bring one dish to moms, this year i think i will bring kielbasa.

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      This is bad, but I haven’t decided what to do about Easter. We don’t get together with my parents. his parents live out of state.

      my youngest wants pizza and I might just go for that. 🙂

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Easter menus?