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      Our kids are teens and every year I try to find something a little different for them to do . . . Last year they had a very amusing clue hunt to find a gift bag with goodies in it.

      This year, since we’re all avid geocachers, I was thinking of having them find their goody bags using gps coordinates. I’ll have to spend time tomorrow outside triangulating coordinates & narrowing down a place to hide the goodies.

      What are you planning with your kids for some fun over the weekend?

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      My parents would still do the egg hunt with us, assigning certain egg colors to us so it was fair. As we got older, the locations were more challenging (the tips of the ceiling fans, wedged in the spokes of the bicycle tires that were hanging in the garage). But always, there would be 1 egg that would either contain money, a check, or a ?.

      The question mark was usually a giftcard to a store or movie theater.

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