Easter Egg Hunts in an Apartment

Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Easter Egg Hunts in an Apartment

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      Instead of putting candy in all of the eggs write out a clue that will help the kids find their Easter basket, or some other fun gift. Cut the clue into pieces like a puzzle and put different pieces in a few eggs. The kids will have fun finding the eggs. Then when they open them up they will realize the hunt is not over yet. They will have to work together to match up the pieces of the clue, and then figure out where the gift is.

      If a problem at your house is that the hunt goes too fast slow it down a little by making it like a relay race. Have the kids line up (if there are enough kids you can divide them into two groups). The first kid goes and finds an egg, then runs back to his team and tags the next person to go find an egg. The team can help out the person looking as much as they want by yelling out directions.

      ? Do a scavenger hunt. When you are ready to start the egg hunt give the kids a beginning clue. The clue will lead them to an egg, and the next clue and so on until they find a prize at the end. Make the clues harder for older kids and easier for younger kids by using hints or directions.

      ? If you have a good mix of different aged kids you can remove some of the pressure of the Easter egg hunt by color-coding the eggs. Each child has their own color and is only supposed to look for those eggs. This way you can hide the eggs for the older children in harder hiding places, and the younger children won?t worry about trying to beat someone to an egg.

      ? Hang eggs from trees or other places in the house with ribbon. To do this so it works cut a long piece of ribbon, open the egg, put the candy inside, then put the middle section of the ribbon inside the egg and close it. The egg should now have two pieces of ribbon hanging out of it. Use one piece to hang the egg and let the other piece hang down (make sure it is long enough that a kid could reach it). The kids can pull on the ribbon and the candy will fall out. It is like a mini-pi?ata that all the kids will love.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Easter Egg Hunts in an Apartment