Easter Bunny

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      This makes a great Cub Scout or other group craft.

      For more Easter ideas, be sure to visit our Easter crafts, party, and Easter egg decorating pages.

      What you’ll need:
      Cotton balls
      Styrofoam egg
      White chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
      Thicker pink chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
      Wiggle eyes
      Small pink pom-pom
      Thin wire
      Wire cutters
      Fabric or lace
      How to make it:
      Glue cotton balls on a styrofoam egg for tail and feet.
      Bend white pipe cleaner around a thicker pink pipe cleaner for the ears.
      Add wiggle eyes, a small pink pom-pom nose and thin wire whiskers.
      Place on a cardboard circle with hole cut out for base of egg to rest in. The cardboard can be covered with fabric or lace.

      Tacky Glue is better for crafts than hot glue, which boys can easily get hurt using; it’s thicker and tackier than Elmer’s Glue and dries quickly.

      Note from Sharon Mehl: I only put about 1/3 of a cotton ball for each of the legs on the bunny. I cut the bottom off of the egg so it would sit up straight. This is a very quick craft to make.

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