Easter Bunny Cracker Treats

Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Easter Bunny Cracker Treats

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      Too much candy for Easter? Try these adorable yet nutritious crackers topped with veggies and cheese!

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      What you’ll need:
      Water crackers
      Pretzel sticks
      Carrots, julienne strips
      White cheese
      Spreadable cream cheese

      How to make it:
      Spread each cracker with a layer of cream cheese. (See photo.)
      Cut two teeth from the center of a radish and press into the cream cheese. (See photo.)
      Place three julienne carrot strips on each side of the cracker for the whiskers.

      (See photo.)
      Cut two circles from a slice of white cheese (we used white American) and place over the radish teeth and carrot whiskers.
      Cut a triangle from the radish and press into cream cheese above the cheese cheeks. (See photo.)
      Break a pretzel stick in half and press side by side into the cream cheese for one of the ears. Repeat for the other side.
      Break off the tip of a pretzel stick and push into cream cheese for one of the eyes.

      Repeat for other eye. (See photo.)
      Whole wheat crackers are better for you than those made with bleach flour.
      Experiment with other vegetables, or try with fruits and a sweetened cream cheese dip or peanut butter.
      When children help make their food they are more likely to eat it!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Easter Bunny Cracker Treats