Earth Day – What do you do to take care of the Earth everyday?

Stuff I’d Like to See General Earth Day – What do you do to take care of the Earth everyday?

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      I remember standing in art class in high school and trying to come up with a poster for a new celebration called Earth Day. We handed out pink and green peace sign buttons and planted a few trees. That was 43 years ago today.

      While I was in college we had our first fuel shortages and I remember parking my car at the gas station two hours before the gas stations reopened in the afternoon to make sure I could gas up my Pinto. Suddenly the spotlight was on fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. One fuel manufacturer decided to mix ethanol with the then leaded gas to make it go farther.

      It dissolved the fuel filter in my Pinto and the car never ran the same again.

      In the 80’s there was a concern that the lead in gas was being deposited in plants where kids played, lead in paint was suddenly bad too, and we banned both. Now with only unleaded gas and an emphasis on cleaner air, our cars were packed with all sorts of emission control devices.

      In the 90’s computers were installed in cars that controlled the transmission module and our cars became more efficient and used less gas per mile.

      All of this was aimed at saving our environment, yet I wonder if our grandparents didn’t have the right idea to begin with. They canned their food and reused jars, most families had only one car, and clothes were hung on a clothesline. Today we have returned to some of the same activities that our grandparents did to save money (and help the planet!)

      What are your best budget tips that also reduce the demand for more natural resources or reduce pollution?

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      We are lucky and live within walking of everything we need & live 1/2 block from a major metro bus line so Mike only drives to work (2 miles each way ~ works nights). We line dry everything, rarely eat out (once a year maybe). Need more space before we can really grow our own food.

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      I am a fanatic about recycling. Working on reuse and repurpose

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      We do a lot of recycling as well. We have one recycling center that will accept any of the containers with the recycling triangle (but they don’t pay for them all). It makes feel better when I clear out all of the odd shaped plastic containers that have accumulated.

      We get the highest prices at a scrap metal company for aluminum and yes, plastic water bottles. Reusing and repurposing makes a tremendous difference in the amount of plastic, aluminum etc that goes into our landfills.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Earth Day – What do you do to take care of the Earth everyday?