Dying Easter Eggs–the Natural way!

Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Dying Easter Eggs–the Natural way!

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      Dying Easter Eggs–the Natural way!

      This Easter, why not color your eggs using nature’s very own dyes? It’s possible to come up with a great number of colors using natural ingredients that can easily be found in almost any kitchen.

      Pale Red: Fresh beets or cranberries, frozen raspberries

      Orange: Yellow onion skins

      Light yellow: Orange or lemon peels, carrot tops, celery seed or ground cumin

      Yellow: Ground turmeric

      Pale green: Spinach leaves

      Green-gold: Yellow Delicious apple peels

      Blue: Canned blueberries or red cabbage leaves

      Beige to brown: Strong brewed coffee

      To dye the perfect Easter eggs the natural way, here’s what to do:

      Put eggs in a single layer in a pan. Pour water in pan until the eggs are covered.

      Add about a teaspoon of vinegar.

      Add the natural dye appropriate to the color you want your eggs to be. (The more eggs you are dying at a time, the more dye you will need to use.)

      Bring water to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

      Remove the substance you used to color the eggs. Put eggs in a bowl.

      If you want your eggs to be a darker shade, cover them with the dye and let them stand overnight in the refrigerator.
      Onion Skin Eggs

      One of my favorite egg dyes is with onion skins! Gather lots of onion skins; the dry outer layers. (try to get a good variety of colors–I like plain brown best; red onion also makes a good color) Gently wrap them around*raw* eggs and hold them in place with rubber bands. Hard boil the eggs like usual. Unwrap them and WOW! Beautiful colors and designs! You may polish with vegetable oil for a nice gloss. This is a natural dye and the eggs are still quite edible. Happy eggs-ploration!

      Wax Eggs

      It’s fun to write something on the egg with a light colored crayon – white is the most fun. The dye doesn’t stick to the wax crayoned letters and they appear white (or brown if it’s a brown egg) after the egg is dyed.

      Rubber Band Wraps


      Egg dye: For and extra bright color use food coloring paste, available at party supply shops. Dissolve a dab of paste or 6 drops of regular liquid food coloring in a cup of hot water. Stir in 1/4 cup of vinegar

      Rubber bands, cut in various length widths long enough go around the egg several times

      Wrap rubber bands around the egg, covering it completely. When you dip the covered egg, the dye will seep under the bands in some areas and be blocked out in other areas. Remove from the dye when the color is bright enough. Blot dry with paper towels and remove the rubber bands. If you wish, repeat with a new color. If the rubber bands pop off the egg, try using thicker ones.

      Marbelized Eggs


      Egg dye

      1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

      Lightly stir the oil into a bowl of egg dye. Immediately dip the egg into the liquid. Or stand the egg in a small cup and slowly spoon the oil-water mixture over it. When the egg dries, repeat the steps with another color for an interesting color combining effect. TIP: For cleanup, wash all dipping containers in hot soapy water and rinse with vinegar to get rid of oil.

      Fingerpaint Eggs


      Paper plates

      Tempera paint

      Put a few colors of paint on the paper plate. Hold the egg n the ends with your thumb and finger so you can rotate it while you’re stamping. Dip your finger in the paint, dab off the excess on a paper towel, then gently press your finger onto the egg.

      Crepe Paper Eggs


      Boiled Eggs

      Tissue Paper or Crepe Paper

      Wet the egg and place pieces of colored tissue paper on it. Set it aside to dry. When the egg dries the tissue paper falls off and the colors stay behind.

      Polka Dot Eggs

      Dip a boiled egg in yellow dye. When dry glue on hole punched dots. Great for improving fine motor skills!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Dying Easter Eggs–the Natural way!