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      I have been using dye free/perfume free laundry soap for a very long time……I noticed that Fels Naptha has both, and I didn’t want to compromise on that. the only solid soap that I knew for a fact had no dye of perfume without doing a bunch of hunting was using the crafting soap from Michaels that comes in the 2 lbs block.

      It works great, although the texture is…..well….um…..interesting (hee hee) If anyone wants to try it, and has a naughty imagination, they can surmise my meaning for themselves. It probably doesn’t have the same super stain busting power that the Fels Naptha version has, but I’ve done a few loads with it, and it works just fine! 🙂

      I am wondering what other use for a Dye-free/perfume-free option?

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      I am very interested in the responses you might receive as I have the same issues. I am brand new and have no clue how to follow individual posts yet. Thank you for asking this question and sharing your info about the soap at Michael’s!

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