Dumpster Diving

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      It’s stealing unfortunately you’re trying to justify it. The cans are mine, the bags I bought, the trash I bought, it’s on my property (I live in IN). This theory would say if my kids leave theirbikes at the curb of my yard then someone could come by and take them. Your theory is then it’s not stealing it’s on the curb, city street. Ridiculous. The trashmen/women have my permission to pick it up. I’m not giving permission for someone to rummage through my stuff. I am clearly giving the city permission. Again I go back to the bike, was it stealing or not? Or even the trash cans itself. they’re sitting out with trash in them, do you want someone taking them?

      How about this if people are concerned with landfils RECYCLE orFREECYCLE, bottom line is unless I”m giving someone permission to take something from my garbage, stay out. Robyn

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      If it’s at the curb then it’s not stealing as it’s actually not on
      your property. It’s on city property at least here in MI. And most
      consider once it’s in the dumpster it’s no longer wanted. If it is
      actually stealing then the truck would be stealing it when it comes
      and empties the dumpster.

      The idea is to keep things out of the land fill, so I don’t see why
      not take what you can use. Also the main issue with some places is
      that people make a mess, which is why they don’t want people to take
      things. Altho some I’m sure are just selfish not nice people too.

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