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      I’m a virigin here .. I’m loving this site! can’t wait to read everything on here; although i’ve read a lot on here so far.

      i can’t seem to find anywhere about how to clean ~ really clean your own ducts. anyone ever do that before? how?


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      I’ll tell you how my sisters husband cleaned his, but I don’t know if I’d recommend it. He removed the vent covers and then taped all but 2 of the over with a really heavy duty plastic. He used his leaf blower (i kid you not) and stood at one end of the vent and used the blower to blow the nastiness out of the vents- out the other uncovered vent hole.

      i don’t know if they recommend doing that or not, but i know that a huge amount of nasty crap came flying out & it was rather cheap entertainment too.

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      The easiest way to clean them is to remove the vent covers and insert a flexible vacuum hose into the vent. I recommend securing the hose with duct tape to prevent it from falling into the vent and getting stuck in your duct work!

      Vacuum all sides of the vents, as far as you can go. If they’re really really dirty and need washing, you can reach in with a rag dampened with antibacterial cleaner (Vinegar and dawn work well). You’ll have to dry the vents if you do this as the moisture can lead to mold growth.

      Gloves are handy in this situation as ductwork tends to have sharp spots here and there.

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      Thanks .. those are definitely some good tips!

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      It’s that time of year, these are great tips on getting the heating ducts clean and ready for winter! Thanks for all of the great tips guys. worthy  smilie

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