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      I planted Sweet Basil and Parsley this year and now need to know how to dry them for the winter. Anyone have any suggestion? I dont know

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      I have dried both of these by hanging upside down till dry, then store in ziploc bags or spice jars, and more recently in my dehydrator on a low setting.

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      Thanks, I will have to try that. I was thinking it was going to be more complicated.

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      You can freeze basil using an ice cube tray. First chop the basil then fill each cube then fill with olive oil and freeze. They can be put in a ziplock bag once frozen.

      They can be used in sauces or soups.

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      i like doing all three they all work really well . good luck

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      I’m going to try hanging the parsley upside down this season and freezing the basil. Being as WalMart just started free layaway until mid December, will be able to get a dehydrator.

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      I normally spread the leaves out between sheets of newspaper and sit them in a sunny spot.

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      You can also freeze in ice cube trays with water and bag and keep frozen to use as fresh,I like this method to use in salads.

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      I have just been chopping my herbs and putting them in a Ziploc bag, squeezing out all the air, and freezing. It seems to work out fine, but I haven’t used fresh herbs a lot. Any thoughts on the method I’ve been using?

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      I have always dried my herbs by microwaving them between paper towels for 20 second intervals. The herbs stay green that way and then I save them in glass jars. The only thing is you have to remove the old twiggy stems like those on oregano or thyme, as they may catch fire.

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      My mother taught me how to dry them in the microwave. She puts them on a paper plate and microwaves for 10 seconds at a time, with a pause in between to cool them so they dry and don’t cook. When I tried it, I chopped them first, spread them out on the plate, and rotated several plates in the microwave while the others cooled.

      They were dry in 2 minutes. They stayed nice and bright green too, and I was able to put them in the jar right away. (I’ve also done the ice cube method, which works well).

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      (eek — Moderator: I’m not sure if I said 10 seconds, or 10 minutes. It’s supposed to be 10 SECONDS. Sorry.

      Can’t see my post to correct this).

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