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      I just bought both at the stores I shop at and looked at my bills for

      these. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, FYI.

      A container of dry milk that makes 8 quarts (or 2 gallons) is $8.28

      (grocery store brand). That’s a cost of $4.14/gallon using dry milk.

      A half-gallon of liquid milk is $2.49 or a cost of $4.98/gallon for

      liquid milk (we use the paper containers from Trader Joe’s; if gallon

      containers came in anything besides plastic we’d get those to save on

      the price of milk).

      So, I would save 84-cents per gallon by using exclusively dried

      instead of liquid milk. Since my kids know the difference in taste

      when I give them the powdered vs. liquid (and they don’t like the

      taste), what I am doing is using the dry when cooking and the liquid

      for drinking; I hope we can save some pennies this way.

      Just another milk comparison for everyone to see.


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