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      I just made anither batch teh last batch I made was about 6 months ago. So I do not hvae to buy laundry soap every month like I used to do. So this is where i save money

      My recipe is : I box Borax 1 Box Washing Soda 2 bars of Ivory Soap : So for 2.99 + 2.79 + 1.00 = $6.78 for about 6 to 8 months of Laundry Soap

      OLD way of doing wash : Approx : 4.00 for 20 loads So say I do 100 per month ( which used to happen…lol ) that is $ 20.00 per month for Laundry Soap So take 20.00 x 6 = $ 120.00 per 6 months for laundry soap. This is where i see the savings.

      also i have emailed all websites and got mnf cpns which also help.


      on 7/7/08, J Diane Northcutt[/b] <> wrote:

      Am I the only person that is finding it more expensive to make my own laundry detergent. There are a couple of brands of laundry detergent at Walmart that only end up costing only 4 cent per ounce. The cheapest Washing Soda I can find is9 cent per ounce and Borax is 3 cent per ounce which makes a final product of 6 cent per ounce ,but wait, we have not added the bar soap yet.That will increase the cost srtill more.
      When you guys say thathomemade is cheaper, do you mean cheaper than name brand?


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