dry milk vs liquid again

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      Thank you for your help PJ. The closest we have to this kind of store is Grocery Outlet, but I have never seen prices that reasonable at our store. I will keep looking around.

      If you have anymore cost saving ideas please pass them on. I have learned so much from all of you and especially Liss.

      Thank you all.


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      I live in Arizona. The store is a discount grocers that carries a lot of large quantity, restaurant items. Most have damaged boxes bags or dented cans.

      Some of the regular items I buy there is sugar (50#, $12.99), flour wheat or white (50# 5.99), average rice (50# $8.99), bnls/sknls chick breast (20# .99 cents per lb, or 40# for .89 per lb), ground beef 80/20 $1.49 or less, bread loaves .50 – .75 each, #10 cans of fruit $2.99-3.99, #10 cans pizza or marinara sauce $1.99-2.99, #10 can cheese sauce $4.99, chicken nuggets (Burger King, $1.79 per lb.), Burger King Whopper patties, (36# case $.89 per lb), cases of chips (Lays, Cheetos, Doritos for $6.99, 72 per case,lunch size bag- you see them at WalMart for .25- ).

      I also buy large quantity paper good, like toilet paper, paper cups, paper plates. They also sell all the restaurant style ceramic/stoneware dishes and serving plates. I love those!

      You never know what they’ll have in fresh
      produce, but I can usually pick up lettuce, potatoes, and whatever is in season for a very good price.

      Anyway, I save tons of money on my grocery bill. I’ve been shopping there for years.

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      ages 29y – 14mo (but only 10+ kids at home now)

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