dry milk vs liquid again

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      Can you tell me how you can meat in a pressure cooker? We have a very small pressure cooker. We wouldn’t be able to get more than a few jars in there at a time.

      I’m not sure it’s the right kind. We don’t have a guage on it.


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      There have been times when I saved lots of grocery money with coupons. I used to belong to CouponSense, which I really liked. However, I live in a small town with two grocery stores, and it seems to me that they sorta “caught on” and I wasn’t getting the free stuff that I used to.

      I’ve since not renewed my subscription or my newspaper because I just can’t justify the extra expenses.

      My example for “big bulk” – in May I bought 80# of boneless, skinless chicken breast at the restaurant supply for .84 cents per pound. I canned about 25 jars (quarts and pints in the pressure canner). I freeze lots of food in meal portions.

      I try not to use the oven too much in the summertime, but I’m sure I still use it several times per week.

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