dry milk vs liquid again

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      I make the liquid soap, can you explain the procedure for the

      powdered? I am very interested in trying it that way.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, katrina schumann



      > you use 1/2 c of borax; & 1/2 c of washing soda; 1 grated bar of

      fels naptha equals 2 1/2 cups; you use 1 cup for the powdered recipe

      that I make; you use 1 T for reqular loads, & 2 T for heavily soiled;

      doesn’t suds much nor will any homemade laundry detergent cuz it is

      chemicals which are harmful which make store bought suds; & they are

      full of fillers usually ground up dried corn cobs & other things to

      make it APPEAR that you get far more than you do & that is the reason

      you use so much more when using bought laundry soap; so 1 bar of Fels

      naptha made using my recipe will last me 6 months; & I still have

      lots of washing soda & borax to use in cleaning supplies.


      > — On Mon, 7/7/08, J Diane Northcutt wrote:


      > From: J Diane Northcutt

      > Subject: Budget101.com : the cost of homemade laundry detergent

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      > Am I the only person that is finding it more expensive to make my

      own laundry detergent. There are a couple of brands of laundry

      detergent at Walmart that only end up costing only 4 cent per

      ounce. The cheapest Washing Soda I can find is9 cent per ounce and

      Borax is 3 cent per ounce which makes a final product of 6 cent per

      ounce ,but wait, we have not added the bar soap yet.That will

      increase the cost srtill more.

      > When you guys say thathomemade is cheaper, do you mean cheaper

      than name brand?


      > Diane

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