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      If you have a pet that doesn’t appreciate having a bath, you can still get rid of the nasty doggy smell by giving them a “dry” bath.

      make sure that your dog’s coat is thoroughly dry. give their fur a light sprinkle of baking soda and use a pet brush to work it through and then thoroughly remove. you can simply brush them out to remove it or you can do what i do, use the vacuum cleaner hose (if your pet doesn’t mind!) the downside to a pet who loves to be “vacuumed” is that you’ll need to restrain your dog everytime you need to vacuum your house, hahaha.

      my dog comes running full speed the second i turn ours on. he loves his vacuum bath treatment.

      it’s an easy way to freshen your best friend’s coat in between bathings and end stinky dog smell.

      when you’re ready to bathe your dog in the tub, here’s a homemade pet shampoo you can use.

      © Can Stock Photo Inc. / stuartmiles

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