Drowning in Debt

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      I’m still pretty new in the since of posting. I have gotten myself in the position that debt is running my life. I have cancelled all credit that I had and now paying off the cards.

      I have very little after I pay my bills. I’m on ssdi, i do receive housing reduction, and a small amount of snap benefits ($16) and currently my mom is sending me a monthly gift card to Hy-Vee ($25) until April to help me out. Luckily, I’m not supporting anyone but myself, except for my cat.
      Do any of you have suggestions for me to be able to shop savvy and not spend a bundle at the grocery store?
      A few months ago I bough two books that I hope will help me with budgeting.

      I wish I never had been approved for any credit cards yet was surprised at how many I was approved for and finally realized that I had spending problem!
      I will take any thoughts any of you have. Thank you!

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      I didn’t get any responses but that is ok. I plan to hit my debt head on and just push my way through it. I hope the refinance my loan with the place I did a debt consolidation loan with and then with the other credit cards that I have (which I have cancelled all of them now), I will talk with them each to see about lowering interest rates.
      I will be looking at the posts on the site to learn to save on money with money and food.

      I’m sure I will make my way through this.

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