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      Laverne Holmes

      Dr Roby Mitchell (aka Dr Fitt) created this protocol and I’ve used it with my family with great success for several years now. Unfortunately,

      Passover Protocol

      Roby Mitchell | May 9, 2017 |

      One reason for the stuck on stupid mentality of vaccine promotion is the cult-like indoctrination of an education subsidized by drug dealers. It makes no sense if you understand how viruses and the immune system work. Few doctors do. I used to be in that group.

      There are two important things I never hear mentioned on either side of the vaccine argument. Once you understand these basics, there’s not much to argue over. One is that viruses don’t produce a toxin. The other is that the “diseases” ascribed to viruses are actually caused by the production of chemicals, cytokines, by the immune system in response to a high number of viral particles. The Ebola virus can’t kill you, and the polio virus does not cause polio.

      The damage to blood vessels causing exsanguination (internal bleeding) and death after Ebola infection comes from a “cytokine storm.” The paralysis of poliomyelitis happens for the same reason at a different anatomical site – spinal nerve cells. The exact same mechanism causes flu symptoms, the rashes from measles, and other viruses such as meningitis, etc.

      This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the flu shot to prevent the flu. The vaccine, if it were 100% effective, would only protect from three to four of the 200 or so viruses that cause the immune system response labeled the “flu.” Polio is an enterovirus. So is D68. Either will produce the exact same immune system response that targets spinal nerves. It’s simply given a different name when an enterovirus, other than the polio virus, is the infection. Acute flaccid paralysis is simply polio by a different name. So, it’s also IMPOSSIBLE to eradicate polio.

      This information should change the narrative to one focused on preventing the increase in the number of viruses to a tipping point that causes the cytokine storm. It is fairly simple:

      1. Have a high intake of fruits/vegetables that contain carotenoids. These are the dark red/green/yellow/orange pigments made by plants. Carotenoids are converted to vitamin A, if thyroid levels are adequate.Vitamin A deadbolts cell membranes such that viruses cannot get inside and make millions of copies. It is the release of these millions of viral particles that cause the cytokine storm. This puts the virus in a position of a would-be burglar trying to break into a house which has a security system. The longer that burglar stays outside, the more likely he will be detected by neighbors or law enforcement.

        If you do get a viral infection, 400,000 iu per day of vitamin A per day (not beta carotene) for two days will abort the infection, as it will strengthen cell membranes, preventing more cells from becoming breeding centers for new viruses.

      2. Get adequate vitamin D. Cholecalciferol is actually a hormone that stimulates your cell DNA to produce a variety of proteins. One class, cathelicidins, are your internal antimicrobials. If viruses are locked outside the cell due to adequate vitamin A, they get destroyed by cathelicidins.Less sun exposure in the Fall sets you up for low vitamin D and more viral infections, including flu viruses. You will be hard pressed to find a pediatrician who knows what cathelicidins are.

        Your blood work should show levels between 70-100. Infomaniacs can go to the Vitamin D Council website to learn the many other health benefits of vitamin D, like cancer prevention. One contributor to me developing prostate cancer was low vitamin D levels.

        Most people can safely take 5,000 iu’s a day without knowing their levels.  Children can take 1000iu a day especially during the “flu season”.  Knowing the number helps to know how to supplement for optimal levels. At the onset of sickness, 50,000 iu can be given for 2 days.
      3. Be sure there is plenty of hydrochloric acid in your gut. I call HCl the “Passover” molecule. As in the Bible story, a pestilence that affects some will “passover” people who have adequate hydrochloric acid. Children are often born not producing adequate hydrochloric acid.The elderly have senescent production. This is why these two populations are more vulnerable to infections and targeted with vaccines. You should get familiar with “symptoms of low hydrochloric acid”. The indicator on your blood work is your MCV-mean corpuscular volume.

        This number tells you how large your red blood cells are. This number should be around 85. Larger or smaller indicates a nutritional deficiency (iron or B-12) or some other pathology. If hydrochloric acid production is inadequate, you cannot absorb B-12.

        This will cause red blood cells to rheostatically get bigger. If your MCV is above 85, you need evaluation for inadequate production of hydrochloric acid.

      4. Keep thyroid hormone levels optimal. Like spark plugs, thyroid hormone allows mammals to burn sugar in the presence of oxygen. The energy and heat from this combustion is critical to keeping your critter levels from getting to the cytokine storm tipping point.As body temperature drops below 98.6, we see the same effect that causes food poisoning. Food allowed to get cold on the buffet line will grow more critters and cause illness. Same thing happens if your body temperature drops from inadequate production of thyroid hormone.

        Levels normally start dropping around age 27. As with production of hydrochloric acid, the young may have immature production and the elderly will have senescent production. Again, the reason why these two groups are more vulnerable and targeted for vaccines.

        If your TSH is above 1.0, suspect inadequate production of thyroid hormone. The energy produced by the combustion of sugar in the presence of oxygen and thyroid hormone allows your immune system to be effective. Low thyroid = weakened immune system.

      5. Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, like cathelicidins, is virucidal – it kills viruses on contact. Again, a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables will supply you with vitamin C. Most mammals produce vitamin C in the liver. Humans do not. You must eat it or take a supplement. In case you do get a viral infection, use the “vitamin C/bowel tolerance” protocol.
      6. Iodine/iodide – these mineral moieties have the same effect in your bloodstream as chlorine does in a swimming pool or municipal water. Minerals in this class called “halogens” are potent critter killers.Bromine is added to baked goods to keep critters at bay (You never see mold on a Twinkie or McDonald’s bun). Iodine and iodide attach to human cells (if you have adequate omega 3 fats) and “ride shotgun” to keep your critter levels in check. This is why fish can live in a big toilet, the ocean, without vaccines or antibiotics.

      This is information we should have been taught in medical school. We were not because it obviates the need for the multi-billion-dollar vaccine industry.  Share this information with friends and pediatricians.

      Roby Mitchell, M.D. (Dr. Fitt)

      Summary of Dr Roby Mitchell’s Vitamin D3 Protocol

      At the onset of sickness, According to Dr Mitchell:
      50,000 iu Vit D3 can be given for 2 days.
      400,000 iu Vitamin A can be given for 2 days

      Do Not Exceed 2 DAYS, More is not better, continued high doses of vitamin A will likely result in hepatoxicity.

      We keep Vitamin A 25,000iu for this specific protocol. If you are susceptible to viral infections, a smaller daily dose may be used to dead bolt those cells.

      Reference Link:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/8133555/

      Roby Mitchell article is used in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, commonly known as “fair use law”. This material is distributed without profit with the intent to provide commentary, review, education, and increase public health knowledge.

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