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      Hi Velina I suspect your doctor belongs to a billing service that cannot keep things straight. I am having that problem with my dad’s medical coverage but the group he belongs to has several billing offices and everytime he goes to a different part of the system they send the paperwork to a different billing office.
      I would go the route several others have suggested. Send the paperwork into the insurance company on your own and keep copies of everything.

      I fax (I have a fax on my printer) my dad’s medication lists into the insurance company so he has copies of paperwork.
      I am working on the other insurance to get his billing straightened out.
      Keep us posted as to how things are going.
      Gail N.E. PA

      velinabowen wrote: Hi Everyone,
      I received a bill from my doctor’s office again, and it’s a whopper.
      The bill is for about $189.00 for a standard office visit that
      included an ekg, etc.. the office personel are so stupit, even my
      dbf’s ex wife stopped going there because of the stupitidy of the
      office personnel. the doctor is good, so i’m willing to put-up with

      the bill said that my health insurance was not in effect. the
      original number on my bcbs number that they had on file along with
      the new one which i informed them at the office visit i just
      mentioned, was the new bcbs policy number. i even faxed them a copy
      of my insurance card from and back and they called me a few weeks ago
      saying they
      received the fax.

      they were going to rebill everything
      to the new number. now i get this bill saying the health insurance
      wasn’t in effect. only this doctor’s office has had trouble getting
      this straight.

      everyone else, has been fine. besides dropping this
      doctor which i have no intentions of doing, what other course of
      action do i have? their billing dept is even more ridicious than the
      office staff are.

      any suggestions? i’m not paying this bill when
      it’s their error and i have worked with them on it.

      thank you for letting me vent.


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