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      It will be turned over to a collection agency or a collections attorney.

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      I agree. Although it is being disputed, it could affect her credit if
      she doesn’t pay it now – and she’d have no one to blame but herself.

      Not trying to be rude, but help the OP avoid additional headaches.
      On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 9:45 AM, Liss <liss@budget101.com> wrote:
      > — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Jennifer Huff wrote:
      > >
      > > Absoutely don’t pay this bill.

      Just try again. Call the billing dept
      > > and ask which number they billed under. <
      > Just a note, by not paying this bill there is a good chance they will
      > simply file it with a collection agency as well as placing a hit on
      > your credit score.
      > Be sure that you are noting EVERY single communication- who you talked
      > to, the date, the time, the length of the call, the name of the person,
      > etc.

      That way you have record that you were working to resolve this
      > issue, not just ignoring a bill. If it does end up getting placed on
      > your credit report prior to the insurance co gettting off their rumps,
      > then at least you will have some proof to show that you were diligently
      > working to resolve the issue and not just ignoring it.
      > ~Liss
      > Hang in there, it gets better.


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