Downy Wrinkle Release?

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      Hey All!
      Does anyone have a recipe that would work like the Downy Wrinkle Release? I hate ironing and I use this stuff quite frequently.
      Also, any good ways on how to cut down on using dryer sheets/fabric softener? I re-use the dryer sheets 2-3 times but DH thinks it’s disgusting…don’t understand why.

      Do you think if I cut them in half, it would still work the same? That way, I don’t have to re-use them.

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      If you go to this page on the budget 101 site,
      Frugal Household Recipes D through G
      there is recipes and suggestions for dryer sheets and fabric softener.

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      20 ounces distilled water
      1 teaspoon downy fabric softener
      1Mix the last two ingredients well in the spray bottle.
      2Hang garment on a hanger.
      3Gently mist with spray.
      4Lightly tug and smooth the fabric and allow to hang dry.

      this is what i use.

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      I brought the Downy wrinkle release one time and it worked great, but I found a recipe for the same on one of the forum threads. I just mix about 3-5 tbs. liqid fabric softner in a bottle and fill the rest with water. Shake before using and spray. The fabric softner relaxes the fibers. Works great!

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      Hi. I actually just rip mine in half and they work just fine.

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      if you put 1/2 cup of vinagar in the fabric softner of the washer you wont need the sheets. it leaves a clean perfume free scent. it has antibacteria properties and it keeps lint from sticking to the material.

      a gallon of it is 3 times as cheap as sheets.

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      I send away for the free samples of fabric softener and I put a tiny (half a dime size) drop on a damp washcloth when I throw the clothes in the dryer. It works Great as a Homemade dryer sheet and 1 little sample bottle lasts more than a month doing an average of 2-3 loads of laundry a Day.

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