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      just a note As of 4/24 this is NOT DEAD, you MUST COPY AND PASTE for it to Work.

      Thank You, You will be receiving your Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant Soon

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      Thank you for your interest, however, this program
      is currently unavailable.

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      this is working now !!!!! no costco member # needed.

      i cannot report that it is working now to the mod’s, hopefully one of them will see this and correct the post.

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      As with almost ALL StartStampling Links– you MUST Copy And Paste (as the directions state) or you will receive a notice that the offer has ended.

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      Yesterday, the notice was not that it had ended. It said something like it was in a Pre Stage (something like that), like someone found the link and posted it, before they were ready to launch it.

      Glad they launched it, I was getting low on deoderant.

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      I didn’t know about the copying/pasting with start sampling freebies – thanks for that info! 🙂

      Unfortunately however, I did copy/paste this one and it’s telling me it’s unavailable. Seeing as there’s been some debate about this I won’t report it as being dead because maybe it’s just me…?

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      I copied and pasted it , but it came up unavailable. Not sure what the problem is on this one.

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      worked fine for me today 4-27

Viewing 7 reply threads
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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Dove Go Fresh Deodorant ~ Costco