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      If you normally toss out those disposable Bic lighters when it runs out of lighter fluid, Don’t! Here’s a genius trick that will make it easy for you to reuse it!!

      You can get cheap lighters at the dollar store for 3/$1. which means you can refill those $5.88 disposable bics Dirt Cheap!!

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      This is a great idea! These sell for around $6 each in our area, I’ve tried the “dollar store” versions and if they work at all, it’s only for a very short time, often less than a week. We use these a lot when camping and also for lighting the grill so this is something that will come in very handy for us. If you’re not particularly handy, this might be one you opt to skip though, as there is a chance for injury if you don’t follow the directions precisely at he stated in the video.

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      Man you have to send your vid please on the big major campground supplier sites or even better the campground membership blogs and sites. This is brilliant. At the least please relay to peeps not wanting to try to at least recycle these horrid landfillers because the plastic and metal are both recyclable, agree?

      I would at a minimum put mine into plastic recycling. Thanks so much for this.

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      This looks very easy, thanks.

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