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      If you bought your dog treats for the holidays, be aware that this particular common treat Can and Does routinely Kill pets. I was made aware of this sad fact again today after reading a post on our local Town’s Free/For Sale Swap FB page when a lady shared photos of her bassett hound who died from eating a rawhide treat.
      Here is how they are made-

      first, they separate the layers of leather (yes folks, rawhide is leather)

      the they bleach and chemically preserve the leather,

      then they enhance it with some coloring to make it more attractive..

      then they cut, roll and glue it into various shapes.

      Sadly, Queenie died from this walmart dog treat.

      Once rawhides are consumed, they enlarge in the stomach, absorbing liquid and swelling- causing painful and deadly obstructions. Not all rawhides are safe to eat- many produced outside the USA contain toxic chemicals including arsenic and formaldehyde.

      Please be aware of this before “treating” your dog!

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      Well, thanks for reminding but If I’m correct there are also treats that can be given for dogs and those could be safe. You should read labels and review them carefully. It must not contain preservatives at all.

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      I was told by a vet that real (raw) bones like cow knuckles, cow hooves, and pigs ears are the best chew treats for dogs.

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