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      Do you happen to have share in your area? they have a regular package

      as well as a fruit and vegetable package with a few other items.

      share is about $20 for a regular package or $11 for a fruit and

      veggie package and you can add the meat to it.

      My mom lives alone and will buy Angelgfood when she needs to stock up

      on meat. For our family (6) it fed us for about 5 or 6 days for

      dinner. We felt it was a good deal but my husband does not like a lot

      of the meat. It is heavily seasoned and processed usually. For 1 week

      a month it is ok. We do not happen to get Angelfood any longer

      because too many people get it at a small location and parking is a

      huge problem. With 4 kids it was a real hassle.


      – In, “islandgirl9559”



      > My husband and I are planning to go to Angel Food ministries


      > we’re going through tough times financially.

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