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      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>That really seems like a huge cushion amount. I personally have
      cut about $50 a month from my budget by removing paper towels, paper napkins,
      baby wipes, and about another $50 a week by cloth diapering. Just by investing
      in a stack of those shop towels for the kitchen has helped a lot.

      I got I think
      20 of them for about $6. We use them in place of paper towels and paper
      napkins. I just bleach them up and their good as new!
      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>The going out was also eating us up alive, so I implemented my
      computer, found copycat recipes, and we only go out if we are on vacation.

      crock pot also helps out so much. I prep it the evening before, then put it on
      the base as I’m walking out the door. It’s ready when I get back in

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      10.0pt;”>Hi All,
      10.0pt;”>I guess that I am
      somewhere around $75-250 a week. That includes food for 2 adults, 2 teens
      that eat a lot, a 6 year old, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bunny and a turtle. This
      also includes toiletries, paper goods (napkins, tp, pt, etc), as well as
      cleaning supplies and laundry supplies.

      i have tried to get it down lower
      than this but what happens is that the pantry gets too low and i just end up
      spending more in the long run. i go to about 2- 3 stores a week and look
      for loss leaders/ coupons and now with the price of gas try to save those trips
      until I am nearby to cluster errands. My husband and I talk about the
      budget weekly and adjust whether it needs to be a higher $200/week or a lower

      We have an allotment of $35-100 once a week for going out to eat,
      that depends on our weekly income too as it can vary a little. We try not
      eat out more than that as it can really add up quickly. I am
      finding this groups coupon suggestions really helping too.

      Good Luck!

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