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      My husband and I are planning to go to Angel Food ministries because

      we’re going through tough times financially. I went to the website

      and I saw the menu and I couldn’t believe all the meat. You stated

      that the meat tasted old. Do they know this? My husband and I felt

      that it was too much meat. Although we enjoy eating meat, we mostly

      eat veggies and fruits. We are going this weekend to see what they

      have to offer. We will question them about the quality of the meat.

      Thanks for your concern.

      Linda Price

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      > We have Many people saying wow — you were just hungry so you threw

      some steaks on the grill at 10 p.m. for a snack?? Must be nice — ahh

      it is

      > we use the really good cuts of steak for just steak eating the rest

      are what they are Beef and get used in whatever manner I can think of

      for beef


      > nikki


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      > i have been to the angle food ministry web site. if your family

      eats steaks and the other meats that they sell, then i suppose you

      might save money. we don’t eat that ‘high on the hog’ around here.

      > we must go with the lowest budget that will allow us to eat and

      still remain healthy. i see angel food ministries as offering a

      slightly cheaper version of luxury eating.

      > diane



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      > my experiences with angel food ministries has not been good.

      > we did not like the freshfrozen meats, tasting very old. the

      prepared items were delicious but being healthful eaters they were

      not things we would normally eat. think about how many pounds you are

      getting for the cost.

      > august meat bundle #1 comes out to nearly $3.00 a pound.

      Careful shopping and loss leaders shopping can net you really better

      deals than this.


      > Kat

      > Michigan


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