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      I was able to buy some very pretty cloth napkins at a local DollarTree. So for the cost of a few rolls of Bounty I was able to get us each a few cloth napkins so I do not have to do laundry every day. They are very cute and I also found that when the kids use them it improves their meal time behaviour & manners!!

      I have also found several nice kitchen towels. Now I use my old “chemical” plastic spray bottles to store eco & $$ friendly vinegar cleaners so when I go to grab 409 I know it is correct strength for whatever my mess is. I get the satisfaction of using better items and also recycle toxic ones!

      Jacqui C. in NE Georgia

      On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:42 PM, L <> wrote:

      these are great ideas about paper goods. we probably go through about 3-4 rolls/month. I would love to cut back on this area and paper napkins as well.

      Not just to save $$$ but for the environment as well. Thanks. Lisa

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