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      The food is good indeed! Check out their website for each months menu.

      It includes about 11 – 12 lbs. of meat in the August basic box. Items

      such as ribeye steaks, breaded chix breast filets, breast nuggets,

      salisbury steak entree, leg quarters, smoked sausage. Vegetables

      include frozen California blend, carrots, and chopped spinach, a dozen

      eggs, milk, rice, potatoes, soup mix, and a few canned items.

      My daughter has been getting it for about a year. It’s just herself and

      3 & 1/2 yo son. She is very pleased with the quality and variety and

      it is very affordable! It’s only $30 for the basic unit and it is well

      worth it.

      Could you just try one basic unit and see how your husband likes the


      — In, “Jean” wrote:



      > One of our local churches offers this…is the food usually “good”??


      > have one heck of a picky husband, that’s why I ask. Thank you.


      > Jean

      > Pennsylvania

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