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      I haven’t had it yet. But I’ve talked to 2 people that said they did it only once and they had complaints about the meat being too fatty or getting food that they don’t usually use. Frankly I think that’s really picky and shameful.

      I’m very unhappy with my girlfriend for not telling me about this program. She didn’t even think of me and we’ve been friends for 20 years.

      This weekend I got some beef brisket on sale. It was way fatty and yeah, I try and avoid that. But I first baked it in my counter top new wave oven which removes a LOT of the fat.

      Once it had shrunk down enough, I cubed it and put it into the crock pot until it was tender. I left it in the fridge overnight and then skimmed the fat off the top. It’s still fattier than I normally use.

      But it sure does taste good. I used about 20% of it in a soup yesterday and have enough left for some beef quesadillas and a couple more pots of soup. I froze it in big cubes in freezer bags.



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      From: Jean
      Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 1:37 AM
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      one of our local churches offers this…is the food usually “good”?? i
      have one heck of a picky husband, that’s why i ask. thank you.


      — in, “Suzi McMullen”
      > For my first order through Angel Food Ministries I ordered 2 boxes of
      everything including August special boxes. As near as I can tell, that
      will be more cooking than I’ve done in YEARS! I spent 212 dollars and
      I think that might last us about half the month if I stop running out
      for take out.
      > Suzi

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